Warning for Seniors In San Diego County: Delirium Can Be Caused By a Visit To a Hospital

A Visit To a Hospital in San Diego Can Cause DeliriumA visit to the hospital is a disruptive event for anyone, especially if it is under emergency circumstances. Surgery and other procedures cause trauma to the body, which in turn puts stress on the mind. Elderly people have a much harder time coping with this stress than younger folks, and the problem of hospital delirium is one that affects an alarmingly high number of elderly hospital patients. While there are many things that hospital staff, family members, and other caregivers can do in the hospital to help seniors in San Diego County make it safely through their stay, there are also steps that should be taken after they return home.

Even after a senior has come home from a hospital in San Diego County, the disruption of the visit often requires the help of caregivers and loved ones to help them reacquaint themselves with their familiar surroundings and get back to normal life. It is a mistake to leave an elderly person to himself after such a trying experience, and there are many things a caregiver can do to help the transition back home easier. Researchers recommend helping seniors keep their minds active and busy with games, stimulating conversation, and hobbies that they have always enjoyed. The more an elderly individual is able to stay busy, the more likely he is to experience a peaceful return home.

Exercise is also important. After spending a mostly sedentary recovery time in a hospital in San Diego, a senior must get active again. Even someone who is unable to walk can do simple exercises to keep their body moving.

Another suggestion from doctors is focusing on non-medication responses to any depression or anxiety that occurs after a hospital stay. Counseling and discussion are often a better choice than drugs and help the senior get back to a normal mental state more quickly. Reminding the individual of familiar things like favorite music and meals also helps the process along.

The close involvement of caregivers after an elderly loved one’s visit to a hospital in San Diego County is critical to their rehabilitation. Even if their body is fully back to normal, the stress of the visit often affects the mind more than it looks from the outside. Proactive approaches go a long way toward preventing problems from becoming serious. Don’t forget that the caregiver needs help, too! Taking time off and getting caregiving help from a trustworthy service is a great way to make sure that caregiving family members are not overtaxed.

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Originally posted 2011-11-28 08:30:37.

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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