In-home Caregivers San Marcos Digital Pill

A Digital Tool for In-home Caregivers near San Marcos

In-home Caregivers near San Marcos Hear of New Approach to Prescription Monitoring

Any tool that can help nursing home employees and in-home caregivers near San Marcos better monitor the medication of their clients is worth some attention. A very high-tech invention, which is already out of the testing stages and is in use in the United Kingdom, is more exciting than most of its kind. While automated dispensers and remote monitoring by phone are more effective than simply relying on memory, the “digital pill” might soon come out ahead as the best method yet.

Swallowing Technology

The “digital pill” itself is not a capsule or tablet; it’s a miniscule piece of equipment that transmits information after it’s swallowed. Manufacturers can implant the device directly into prescriptions, or create a separate pill containing only the device. The premise is that, after a caregiver dispenses a senior’s prescriptions, he would not have to wait around to confirm that the client actually took them. In just a few minutes, the transmitter would send a message to the caregiver’s phone or computer, reporting that the pill reached its destination.

Useful and Affordable

Experts anticipate that the staff of nursing homes stand to benefit most from this technology, which would save large blocks of time each day. Also, concerned family members of seniors who live at home could reduce their anxiety about their loved ones’ medication schedule if they were to receive a report every time they successfully take their prescriptions. In the United Kingdom, patients are already enjoying these benefits at a subscription cost of under $100.00 per month.

In-home Caregivers in San Diego County

When will “digital pills” become a regularly used tool for in-home caregivers in San Diego County? Keep an eye out for them, because a useful invention like this is likely to spread quickly. And in case you were wondering what happens to the pill after it’s done its job: Believe it or not, it’s completely digestible and is only the size of a grain of sand to begin with.


Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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