Fashion Finally Comes to Senior Products

The Elderly Want to Have Some Style Too! Fashion products for babies are big business. Children’s clothing? Even bigger. The preteen and teenager fashion market is massive, as is the young adult market. There is one demographic, however, that is conspicuously absent from the fashion world: senior citizens. You won’t find a large department store […]

The In-home Caregiver in Carlsbad Can Introduce Technology

Seniors May Get Hooked on Technology With the Help of an In-home Caregiver in Carlsbad The typical in-home caregiver in Carlsbad doesn’t spend a lot of time helping her senior client check email, update Facebook status, and look at family pictures on Flickr. Many people have become resigned to the idea that their elderly family […]

A Digital Tool for In-home Caregivers near San Marcos

In-home Caregivers near San Marcos Hear of New Approach to Prescription Monitoring Any tool that can help nursing home employees and in-home caregivers near San Marcos better monitor the medication of their clients is worth some attention. A very high-tech invention, which is already out of the testing stages and is in use in the […]

In-home Caregivers near Vista: Alternatives to Giving Up the Keys

With the Help of In-Home Caregivers near Vista, Some Seniors Can Keep Driving Safely At some point, it will probably become necessary for your aging loved one to stop driving. In-home caregivers near Vista are available for transportation help when that point comes, but it might not come as quickly as you think, thanks to […]

The Ultimate Tech Gifts…For Seniors Using In-home Care in Fallbrook

Even Seniors Under In-home Care in Fallbrook Love High-Tech Gifts! We saw it happen again: whether it’s an iPad, the newest tablet, or a laptop that is even lighter and thinner than the ones preceding it, technological gifts seem to top the list every Christmas season.We don’t normally think of seniors under in-home care in […]

Robotic Caregivers In Rancho Bernardo?

Robotic Caregivers in Rancho Bernardo Might Become A Reality In Our Lifetimes AI stands for “artificial intelligence,” as you might know if you saw the Steven Spielberg film “A.I.” The movie featured robots that looked exactly like real people, but had greater strengths and greater weaknesses. A new movie provides a less sci-fi and more realistic […]