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Better Days Ahead for Veterans’ Affairs?

Home Care in Rancho Bernardo Anticipates Reforms Within VA Deparment

It’s hard to believe that it was just a few months ago that the Veterans’ Affairs Department scandals came to light. Of course, news of the failures within the bureaucracy was no surprise to the veterans who had suffered while their appointments and treatments were delayed, but the entire nation was embarrassed, disappointed, and outraged to discover how our sacrificial men and women in uniform had been treated. Within the space of a few weeks, it became clear that the director of the Department would resign and there would be a search for new leadership. Ahead, home care in Rancho Bernardo describes the new appointee and how his credentials can benefit this important agency.

A New Head with Organizational Experience

Last weekend, we learned who President Obama’s choice was for the job of leading the Department of Veterans’ Affairs into a new era of more transparency and better service for those it serves. Robert McDonald recently retired from his position as CEO of Proctor and Gamble, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based company behind such successful brands as Tide, Pampers, and Crest, among many others. Although McDonald did graduate from West Point Military Academy, he does not have a military background as have many previous VA Department heads. The administration hopes, however, that his extensive experience in keeping a large company running smoothly will bring the Veterans’ Affairs Department back to where it needs to be.

The Goal: Better Care for Veterans

The appointment of McDonald to the post has earned positive initial reactions from Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike. The new director of the department will face a serious, unenviable task, however, once the congratulations have faded into memory: reforming a large bureaucracy which, according to the information available, seems to have become extensively corrupted by deception, falsified reporting, and a general lack of concern for the very veterans it was created to serve. McDonald will certainly need the support of all employees in the Department in order to achieve the goal of reducing delays for veterans who need care.

Optimism from Home Care in San Diego County

As we anticipate celebrating our nation’s independence on July 4, we are deeply grateful for the sacrifice that all of our veterans have made for us. If your family includes someone who took up arms in the defense of our freedom, we salute him or her! As we provide home care in San Diego County, we find our service for senior veterans to be very rewarding, and we love hearing the exciting stories that they have to tell. We will be watching eagerly for improvements to the VA Department under its new leadership, and we look forward to serving our elderly veterans in the years to come.

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Tim Colling

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