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Caregivers or Con Men?

Caregivers in Solana Beach Highlight New Scams to Watch Out For

With technology constantly advancing, we see new scams based on telephone, Internet, and e-banking cropping up all the time. But the most effective scams don’t always attack in the form of a stranger contacting a senior out of the blue and asking for money or information. There are many criminals out there who are willing to spend a long time cultivating a friendship, inserting themselves into seniors’ lives, and eventually disappearing with most or all of their victims’ savings. Today, our caregivers in Solana Beach describe some of the dangers that fraudulent caregivers pose to seniors.

Stealing Financial Information

When a brand new friend has a magnetic personality, an apparently generous nature, and an affection for a senior, an atmosphere of trust can quickly develop. When the senior needs help on a daily basis, this new wonderful, “heaven-sent” friend is an obvious person to invite into the home. Too often, however, this new friend is only waiting long enough to learn the elderly victim’s bank account number, password, credit card numbers, PIN codes, social security numbers, and other sensitive information. Sadly, it is easy to put up a friendly front and even be generous while planning a large-scale theft.

In another twist, some fraudulent caregivers have been caught stealing blank checks from their clients while working for them. After stockpiling checks, the criminal has a chance to cash in as many as possible before the bank realizes what is going on and stops payment.

Moving In For Good

The most intelligent, experienced con artists know how to manipulate a senior’s declining mental sharpness and get them to sign over finances, stocks, and even real estate. Sadly, this process looks legal on paper, making it very difficult, expensive, and sometimes impossible for family members to reverse it. More than one senior has been forced out of their home with nothing to live on because they signed the wrong papers before a responsible family member could stop them.

Caregivers in San Diego County Advise Close Attention

As our parents enter their senior years, it can be hard for us to recognize just how far cognitive decline has progressed. That’s why it is a good idea to establish joint bank accounts, power of attorney, and other safety measures before they are actually needed. A con man who is on the lookout for an easy target is not likely to persist if he can see that a senior’s finances are not vulnerable. And the vigilant eyes of family members will scare off a fake caregiver who tries to insert herself into a senior’s home.

Insisting on caregivers in San Diego County who are employed by a certified, insured company is a safe choice. Let us help you keep your senior loved ones safe with compassionate, capable services.

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Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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