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Self-Driving Cars Are on the Horizon

Home Caregivers in Encinitas Look to the Future of Driving

Watch any science fiction movie, and there is a pretty good chance that you will see cars (perhaps flying cars) driving themselves. The concept is no longer limited to fantasy, though; self-driving cars are so close that California legislators are in the process of drafting new regulations to address their unique features. By next year, we expect to see a complete set of rules governing the use of automated cars on California roadways. Home caregivers in Encinitas are well aware of the great advantages that this invention could provide for our senior loved ones. Read on to discover how the automated car is just the next in a long line of useful machines, and when we can expect to see it on the roads.

Automation Helps Seniors Stay Independent

When machines act automatically instead of requiring a user’s direct input, they give seniors great relief. We see this in many conveniences that we take for granted: heating and cooling systems, phone answering machines, and security alarm networks, just to name a few. As seniors become more accustomed to technology-based systems, they will be able to benefit even more, keeping their independence longer without the need for constant human care. A home radar system that automatically detects falls and other unusual motions by the resident is one example that is currently in the development stages.

The Driving Problem

Automated cars would eliminate a number of the prickly problems that confront seniors and their families. Statistics show that seniors are one of the most dangerous age groups when it comes to driving, ranking below only teenagers and “millennials.” Removing the responsibility of braking, accelerating, and following traffic signals would take forgetfulness and confusion out of the picture. Additionally, it would spare many families the dreaded conversation about when elderly family members should give up the car keys. By the time an elderly person were unable to safely operate an automated car, the need for constant personal care would presumably be apparent.

Home Caregivers in San Diego County Make Good Drivers Now

Many experts expect us to be using self-driving cars before the year 2020. That may be soon enough for our elderly parents to get to ride in one! The process of adjusting to this new reality will certainly be difficult, but ultimately worth the work. Until then, seniors who are unable to reliably control a vehicle truly should not be driving, no matter how hard it is to convince them of the fact. To make things easier, offer an alternative: home caregivers in San Diego County can keep clients active in the community by providing safe transportation. In addition to competent navigation skills, our human caregivers provide some qualities that an automated car never will: compassion and human company.

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Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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