Cell Phone Usage by Caregivers In Leucadia Can Cause Problems

Cell Phone Usage by Caregivers In Leucadia Can Cause ProblemsDo you have a cell phone in your pocket or attached to your belt right now? It would be surprising if you didn’t. In fact, you would probably be surprised if you didn’t receive a phone call or text message by the time you’re finished reading this blog post. Most of us use our cell phones all day long, keeping in contact with coworkers, family, and friends.

In-Home Caregivers Should Minimize Cell Phone Use

There are a few fields of work, however, that are incompatible with cell phone usage, and caregivers in Leucadia are members of one of those fields. Caring for an elderly individual in his or her own home requires constant attention, and even a five-minute private phone call is long enough for an emergency to occur. Worse yet, there is the possibility that a caregiver could lose track of time and neglect important responsibilities like providing medications at the correct time.

Company Policies

It’s not enough to just trust caregivers in Leucadia to keep their phone conversations at a minimum. Most companies have phone use policies that employees must follow, but a self-employed caregiver or one who works as a contractor probably isn’t bound by any such policies. A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions maintains a strict policy against personal calls of any kind (on cell phones or otherwise) while its employees are caring for elderly clients.

Courtesy and Professionalism

An absolute ban on personal calls on cell phones might seem harsh, but it is the appropriate way to protect seniors’ safety. We don’t expect childrens’ daycare workers to walk away from children to take a personal phone call, and we would be horrified to see nurses or doctors texting on their phone while their patients need attention. Caregivers for the elderly are providing critical care while on the job, and private phone messages can wait until they return home.

Originally posted 2012-04-26 10:30:13.

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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