Food Preparation Safety for Seniors and Aging Parents in San Marcos

Food Preparation Safety For SeniorsChances are, your aging parents in San Marcos have some prized recipes that make holiday meals special. But as seniors begin facing the difficulties of arthritis, rheumatism, and other weakening conditions, preparing those beloved dishes becomes very challenging. In order to help your elderly loved ones continue their holiday cooking traditions in a safe, rewarding way, we have compiled a short list of simple but helpful cooking tools. The items featured in this article can all be found at

Utensils and Accessories

 Using sharp knives is one of the most concerning kitchen hazards for aging parents in San Marcos. With these cool tools, cutting and slicing is made much safer:

  • Finger protector: This guard easily slides over the fingertips of the non-cutting hand to protect them from any knife slips while cutting vegetables. Price: $5.95
  • Rocking T knife: Provides more stability and leverage than a traditional knife, and is easier to grip. Price: $28.95
  • OXO Good Grip knives: This complete line of knives and other cooking utensils is made safer by a large, soft, ergonomically designed hand grip. Price: about $7.95
  • Foam handle tubes. These textured grips slip onto your existing utensil handles to instantly make them much easier to hold and use. Price: $13.95

Stability Products

 It is important for aging parents in San Marcos to avoid dropping and spilling things in the kitchen; hot food and broken glass are very common causes of injury. These tools help things stay securely in place during cooking:

  • Grip mat: Simply place this mat on any countertop and it provides a non-slip surface for a container while stirring, cutting, or mixing. Price: $9.95
  • Pot/Pan Holder: This frame fits over a pot or pan on the stove, holding it in one place and allowing the cook to use just one hand to stir. Price: $18.95
  • Hot Hand: There are many jar openers available, but this one adds the feature of heat protection to its solid grip. Removing a hot plate from the microwave, picking up slippery dishes from the sink, and opening stuck jar lids are all made much easier with this versatile tool. Price: $17.95

Other Cooking Tools

 For wheelchair-bound aging parents in San Marcos, there are reach extenders specifically designed to turn stove knobs. If you are uncomfortable with a senior carrying a sharp knife around the kitchen, a cutting board with an attached knife eliminates the chance of danger. All these and more kitchen tools for seniors can be found at



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Tim Colling

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