In Home Assistance for Elderly near Oceanside: Diabetes Solutions Not Far Off

In Home Assistance for Elderly near Oceanside: Diabetes Solutions Not Far OffThose who suffer from diabetes have a complicated responsibility every day, constantly checking their bodies’ insulin and blood sugar levels to make sure they are under control. While this is a nuisance at best for anyone, it is a real burden for elderly patients. In home assistance for the elderly near Oceanside can help with this monitoring process, but it is still a difficult task.

 The Wait For an Alternative

 As any diabetes patient knows, the standard method for monitoring insulin and sugar levels is drawing a small amount of blood with a tiny finger prick. While instant blood analysis is quite a medical advance in itself, diabetics long for the day that will bring an easier, less painful method. Now there are a few alternative methods on the horizon, and with 21 million Americans eager to find out how they work, we expect them to enter widespread use relatively soon.

 Continuous Glucose Monitoring

One of the most promising new methods is continuous glucose monitoring—a device that uses a sensor to check critical levels every five minutes. Experimental testing has met with praise and relief from users who no longer have to keep sticking their finger throughout the day. Continuous monitoring also solves a major problem with finger sticking: With only a few checks during the day, there are long periods of time that provide a window for levels to get out of control. Even with the help of in home assistance for the elderly, a trip to the emergency room because of diabetes complications is something that a senior needs to avoid if at all possible.

 In Home Assistance for the Elderly In San Diego County Can Help With The Transition

 For elderly diabetics, switching to a high-tech glucose monitoring system could be difficult. In home assistance for elderly near Oceanside can play an important role in helping a senior learn how to use such a device correctly. After the initial confusion is over, the new routine will provide safer, more accurate monitoring with little attention needed from the patient himself.

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

Tim Colling is the founder and President of A Servant's Heart In-Home Care, which provided in-home caregiving services in San Diego County, and also of A Servant's Heart Geriatric Care Management, which provided
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