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Home Caregivers in Rancho Bernardo: Noise and Heart Disease

Home Caregivers in Rancho Bernardo Talk About Noise Pollution

The term “noise pollution” is one that had more than a few people rolling their eyes when it first appeared. But since scientists have given attention to the effects that increased human-produced noise has on us, we’ve learned that it is a serious matter. Now, researchers tell us that the level of manmade sound just outside our house has a very real impact on our cardiovascular health. Home caregivers in Rancho Bernardo are particularly concerned about seniors, who are already vulnerable to heart attack, stroke, and other forms of heart disease.

How Noise Hurts Your Heart

As humans, we are designed to process only so much auditory stimulation (noise). When our ears and brain have to constantly sift through extraneous noise, especially loud noise, it causes us stress. That stress, in turn, raises blood pressure and forces the heart to work harder than necessary. In fact, researchers note that many doctors now ask their patients what their living environment is like to find out if noise-related stress is causing cardiovascular concerns.

What Kind of Noise?

The ears and brain are, of course, incredible pieces of equipment. It takes prolonged, high-decibel noise over long periods of time to create a measurable impact on cardiovascular health. If your senior loved one lives directly behind a busy highway or within earshot of a major airport, there may be cause for concern. A construction site nearby or a hospital with ambulances constantly coming and going could be other sources of stress.

Quiet, Kind Home Caregivers in San Diego County

We know of at least one way to reduce the stress that your elderly loved one experiences, even if it won’t help with the aircraft noise overhead or the heavy traffic just a few yards away. Home caregivers in San Diego County are experts at making their clients feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed throughout the day. A senior at home alone easily feels vulnerable and stressed, but when there’s a capable, caring professional in the house, he can rest and leave the responsibilities to someone else.

Originally posted 2013-10-22 10:30:53.

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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