How a New Stroke Treatment Could Transform Elder Quality of Life

A New Treatment for Serious Strokes Could Save Lives For years, doctors seeking to treat sufferers of serious strokes have relied on drug treatments designed to dissolve the blood clot that caused the stroke. While the drug tPA can save a life and restore the patient to normal living in the case of mild strokes, more severe […]

Companion Care near San Marcos: Stroke Prevention

Companion Care near San Marcos Learns of Stroke Medication Study Elderly people are vulnerable to strokes, but even if they come through a stroke and begin recovering, they still face danger. Second strokes within three months of the first one are fairly common, and doctors are anxious to develop a solution that would lower that […]

Home Health Care in Escondido: New Pill Could Help Stroke Victims

The leading cause of disability among adults is stroke. The older people become, the more vulnerable they are to a stroke, and the more difficult it is for their bodies to recover their strength. There is plenty of attention given to this problem in the medical world, but one pharmaceutical company is focusing on a […]

Home Caregivers in Rancho Bernardo: Noise and Heart Disease

Home Caregivers in Rancho Bernardo Talk About Noise Pollution The term “noise pollution” is one that had more than a few people rolling their eyes when it first appeared. But since scientists have given attention to the effects that increased human-produced noise has on us, we’ve learned that it is a serious matter. Now, researchers […]

Companion Care near Vista and Stroke Detection

Companion Care Near Vista Anticipates New Tool for Detecting Strokes Often, it is notoriously difficult for family caregivers or professional companion care near Vista to tell whether a senior has had, or is having, a stroke. There are many other health issues that share symptoms with a stroke, and those symptoms are sometimes subtle to […]