Should Companion Care in San Elijo Hills Say “No” More Often?

How Can You Protect Your Parents When They Can’t Protect Themselves? The best companies providing companion care in San Elijo Hills and in other cities share your passion for treating seniors with respect, dignity, and love. However, it is also important to be aware of the flip side of that passion. Sometimes, seniors who are losing […]

Companion Care Makes Difficult Decisions Easier

No one wants to see an elderly relative lose his or her independence. But unfortunately, there comes a time when everyone has to face reality. Failing eyesight, slower reflexes, and the effects of some medications can mean it’s no longer safe for your loved one to be on the road. Initiating the discussion, though, can […]

How to Gauge a Senior’s Driving Ability

How Can You Tell Whether Your Elderly Parent Should Stop Driving? The danger of putting off the dreaded “car keys” conversation with an elderly parent is clear. However, it is also harmful to deprive a senior of a big part of his freedom before it is necessary. Just because a senior has reached a certain […]

Self-Driving Cars Are on the Horizon

Home Caregivers in Encinitas Look to the Future of Driving Watch any science fiction movie, and there is a pretty good chance that you will see cars (perhaps flying cars) driving themselves. The concept is no longer limited to fantasy, though; self-driving cars are so close that California legislators are in the process of drafting […]

Leave the Technology to In-home Caregivers near Escondido

Technology Warnings from In-home Caregivers near Escondido If there’s one piece of new technology that is making its way quickly into senior life, it is probably GPS. The accurate location system carries a myriad of potential safety and convenience features for seniors, from helping them find their way to an unfamiliar location to allowing caregivers […]

In-home Caregiver near Oceanside: Time for Assisted Transportation?

It Might be Time For an In-home Caregiver near Oceanside When a senior benefits from the help of an in-home caregiver near Oceanside, he doesn’t have to drive himself to the doctor’s office, the grocery store, or church. That may be the best solution for a California senior who has caused two accidents in recent […]