How Gerontology Helps Caregivers near Escondido

Gerontology Lays The Foundation For Success For Caregivers in Escondido You may have heard the term “gerontology” before, but do you know what it means? This field of science is critically important to all who work with the elderly, and it helps professionals like Escondido in-home caregivers in countless practical ways. Gerontology has fascinated scientists […]

Personal Attendant near Solana Beach: Vitamin B Boosts the Brain!

Vitamin B Research Gives Encouragement to the Personal Attendant near Solana Beach Scientists didn’t realize just how beneficial vitamin B is to seniors who are facing the possibility of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Each senior and personal attendant near Solana Beach should take note of a new study that is making headlines in the medical […]

Caregivers in Rancho Bernardo Should Learn About Lung Cancer Screening

Caregivers In Rancho Bernardo Should Learn About New Guidelines One of the things that Rancho Bernardo caregivers learn is that many elderly people smoked for much of their lives. While they have hopefully kicked the cigarette habit, new guidelines provided by experts advise that seniors who smoked heavily (or still do) should get annual screenings […]

Why a Personal Attendant in Poway Must Be Trustworthy

Trusting Your Personal Attendant in Poway Is Important Just north of California, in the state of Oregon, a nurse has provided us with an example of why drug testing and screening are not out of place in the nursing and caregiving industries. If your loved one is cared for by a personal attendant in Poway, […]

Personal Attendant near Rancho Bernardo: Medicare and Medi-Cal United?

Paying for a Personal Attendant near Rancho Bernardo May Soon Get Easier for California’s Poorest Seniors Paying for needs like medical equipment and the fees of a personal attendant near Rancho Bernardo is difficult for most seniors and their families. For the poorest of California’s elderly, it often seems impossible. A small percentage of these […]

In-Home Personal Attendant Care In San Marcos Instead of Nursing Home?

Of all the good reasons to hire a company to provide in-home personal attendants in San Marcos instead of sending a loved one to live in a nursing home, the following story may illustrate one of the best reasons. It’s no secret to anyone that nursing home care is expensive, but most of the time, […]