Elderly Parents Near Poway Benefit From Automatic Pill Dispenser

Elderly Parents Near Poway Benefit From Automatic Pill DispenserA common factor in aging is the need to take an increasing number of prescribed medications. Each prescription is very important and must be taken at the correct times.

Accidentally taking too much of one or more drugs may create a serious health situation for elderly parents.  In Poway and elsewhere, this can be especially dangerous when it interacts with other medications.

A New Solution

 You, another family member, or a professional caregiver may not always be available to help a senior make sure he or she is taking the correct medications at the correct time. Setting up daily pill organizer boxes ahead of time is helpful, but there is still a chance that an elderly person could forget whether he or she took the right dose or not.

The PivoTell company has developed a highly reliable, easy-to-use device that doesn’t depend on anyone’s memory in order to supply the exact dose at the right time.

The PivoTell Automatic Pill Dispenser is a large, round container with 29 separate compartments. Once a caregiver, family member, or even a pharmacist has divided pills into the compartments, he can program the dispenser to release the contents at specific times of day.

For elderly adults in Poway or elsewhere who have unusually frequent prescription schedules, 28 dispensing times are available for programming—that’s seven times a day for four days.

Helpful Accessories

 In addition to the dispenser itself, PivoTell offers a number of accessories that make it even more useful. The pill container is removable from the dispenser, and by purchasing extra containers a caregiver can always have a new one filled and ready to go by the time the old one is empty.

As convenient as it is, the dispenser could be tricky for frail or arthritic hands to handle without dropping pills. A custom-built stand allows for easy, one-hand dispensing into a bowl placed underneath.

Independence and Safety for Elderly Parents In San Diego County

 The PivoTell dispenser locks securely, so the only access to pills is by way of the automatic release mechanism. An alarm notifies the user when a dose is scheduled, and the dispenser always produces the correct pills. No supervision from a caregiver is needed, and there is no worry about a confused senior taking too many pills.

A few thoughtful features enhance the dispenser even further. A battery level indicator shows exactly how much battery power remains, and four different alarm sounds allow you to choose the one that will best attract the attention of your loved one. Finally, if anything prevents the dispenser from working correctly, it alerts the user with an alarm.

In the United States, you can order the device from ActiveForever.com.  More information from the manufacturer in England, see: PivoTell Automatic Pill Dispenser Mk 3


Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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