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The problem of hearing loss is so common that it’s become a stereotype for seniors. Many of us automatically speak more loudly when addressing an elderly person, assuming that they will have trouble hearing us. Professionals in senior care in Solana Beach find it more difficult to communicate with their clients if they happen to have misplaced that little device—the hearing aid. After decades of service, you may wonder why a more sophisticated device hasn’t been invented to give those with hearing loss a more consistent, permanent solution.

The Magic of the Hearing Aid

Before we are too hard on the easy-to-lose hearing aid, remember that it is truly a marvel of modern technology. It replaced hand-cupping and unsightly, large “ear trumpets” that only really benefitted those with minor hearing loss anyway. Severely hearing-impaired people had to simply accept the fact that they would be left out of most of the communication going on around them. While most early hearing aids were heavy and hard to carry around, the end of World War II saw the first of the small, light hearing aids that we know today.

Other Tools for Hearing

Most seniors lose their hearing because the nerves that receive auditory signal (sound waves) have decayed or been damaged. A hearing aid takes the place of these nerves, receiving sound waves and delivering them directly to the delicate inner-ear apparatus that leads to the brain. Some researchers are focusing their attention on those damaged nerves, seeking a way to prompt them to grow back. An ideal solution would be a treatment that would restore hearing through this regrowth, without the need for a device of any kind.

Senior Care in San Diego County Speaks Up

The hearing aid may someday be replaced by treatment, but until then, senior care in San Diego County celebrates the technology available at relatively low cost to the elderly today. And don’t worry—our services do include searching dresser drawers, couch cushions, and floors for that lost hearing aid!

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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