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Will In-home Care near Escondido See an Insulin Pill Soon?

In-home Care near Escondido Look Forward to the End of Injections

People with diabetes are able to lead a largely normal life today, as long as they avoid certain foods and keep an eye on their blood sugar levels. There is one inconvenience that they must deal with, however: daily insulin injections. We have gotten this routine down to a minimally painful pinprick, but it is still an experience that diabetes patients would like to see disappear. This month, in-home care near Escondido learned that an old idea along those lines is resurfacing.

Pills, not Pokes

From the earliest days of diabetes treatment, doctors have wished that the daily insulin boost could be delivered through a pill, like many other long-term medications. But designers could not get past the fact that insulin is a delicate compound, quickly broken down by digestive fluids. Thus, insulin contained in a pill is destroyed by the stomach’s acids before it can absorb into the bloodstream. Injecting insulin directly into the bloodstream with a needle has remained the best option for nearly a century.

Trying Again

Today, however, medical researchers believe they have found a new way to get insulin from the digestive tract to the bloodstream intact. The experimental process coats the insulin with lipids (fats) that protect it from the digestive fluids long enough for it to move through the stomach wall into the bloodstream. The process has seen success in rats so far, but many medical experts anticipate that far more work will be necessary before we see an efficient insulin pill.

In-home Care in San Diego County for Diabetes

Whether it comes through a pill or a daily injection, regular insulin boosts are essential for diabetes patients. Seniors have it harder than younger folks, as memory begins slipping. Forgetting just one injection can create grave danger, especially if combined with high-sugar foods. In-home care in San Diego County can help seniors remember their diabetes treatments and also monitor them for signs that their sugar levels may be off balance.

Tim Colling
Tim Colling

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