How to Put Tech to Work for Senior Safety

New Sensors and Alerts Improve Monitoring Ability It’s not hard to let our imaginations run wild and picture a world in which seniors are served, protected, and cared for by machines instead of people. In Japan, research on robot service is proceeding full steam ahead, and when you think about it, we already depend on […]

How to Make a Home Handicap Accessible

Do-it-Yourself Tips for Making the House Safer For most of us, our parents have always seemed like the most capable, independent, in-control people in our lives. Chances are, it has never occurred to you to think of your mother or father as handicapped or needing a little extra help just to move around the home […]

Do-It-Yourself Wheelchair Repair

You Have to Love This Community Service Story (Especially If You Need In-home Caregivers in Rancho Bernardo) People across the country have been outraged recently to learn that the Department of Veterans Affairs spent years suffering from failures and deliberate deception rooted deeply in its operation. Many tragic stories have surfaced about senior veterans who have waited […]

Self-Driving Cars Are on the Horizon

Home Caregivers in Encinitas Look to the Future of Driving Watch any science fiction movie, and there is a pretty good chance that you will see cars (perhaps flying cars) driving themselves. The concept is no longer limited to fantasy, though; self-driving cars are so close that California legislators are in the process of drafting […]

In an Emergency, Information Saves Lives

Make Sure In-home Assistance for Elderly in San Marcos has Critical Data The statistics are clear: During a medical emergency such as a heart attack or slip and fall, time is the most critical resource. Every second that is saved or wasted makes a difference to the chances the victim has of making it through […]

Is Your Blanket Gaining Weight?

Geriatric Care Manager in Rancho Bernardo: Weighted Blankets Gain Popularity As we age, many of us start to notice health issues that we never struggled with before. Whether arthritic joints, a less reliable memory, or a combination of other factors, these issues are unwelcome but persistent additions to our lives. Insomnia is a very common […]