Geriatric Care Managers in Oceanside Are Just What the Doctor Ordered

Geriatric Care Managers in Oceanside Often  Help Seniors Follow Doctors’ Orders Does a doctor’s visit seem like a routine event to you? When you’re young, many of your doctor’s visits are relatively low-key checkups or attempts to get a common illness under control more quickly. But for our aging parents, these visits are critical. As the […]

How to Minimize Cataract Risk–and What Doesn’t Work

Practices that Do and Don’t Reduce Cataract Problems So many seniors suffer from cataracts that doctors spend a lot of time researching the best ways to prevent and correct them. As with so many other health topics, we are still in the experimental stages on a number of different fronts, trying different approaches and seeing […]

In-home Care in Del Mar: Controversy over Medical Guidelines

Seniors Under In-home Care in Del Mar Might Face Confusion in the Doctor’s Office The practice of medicine has, unquestionably, transformed over the last hundred years or so. The doctor of the past relied on his own personal experience and knowledge passed on from mentors, in addition to his formal education. Today, experts identify a […]

Home Care Near Scripps Ranch: Small Medical Practices in Trouble

Traditional Small, Single-Physician Medical Practices Increasingly Likely To Disappear Many people love the personal, long-term relationships that they enjoy at a small-scale doctor’s office. Seniors enjoying home care near Scripps Ranch and elsewhere get an important sense of security from visiting their doctor at a small, intimate office that doesn’t have the bustling, stressful atmosphere […]

Home Health Care in Leucadia: Physicians Abandoning the Medicare Ship

For years, we’ve been hearing that some physicians, instead of continuing to try to cope with rising patient numbers and low Medicare reimbursements, have decided to opt out of the program altogether. This trend will eventually have a large impact on the large number of Medicare-covered elderly patients using home health care.  In Leucadia and […]

Home Health Care in Vista: Does Your Client’s Doctor Know Geriatrics?

For home health care in Vista to be successful, it obviously needs the support of family, friends, and especially seniors’ regular doctors. Doctors who help seniors should have a thorough understanding of the special challenges they face and the best ways to meet them. Unfortunately, a recent study concluded that many doctors do not know […]