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You Have to Love This Community Service Story (Especially If You Need In-home Caregivers in Rancho Bernardo)

People across the country have been outraged recently to learn that the Department of Veterans Affairs spent years suffering from failures and deliberate deception rooted deeply in its operation. Many tragic stories have surfaced about senior veterans who have waited for years for essential treatments, only to give up and try to find the services themselves.

Here at A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions we provide in-home caregivers in Rancho Bernardo and elsewhere and we hate knowing that so many of our beloved servicemembers have had to grapple with this problem, but a recent story from New York reminds us that when government agencies fail, compassionate people from the community sometimes step in and fill the gap.

Time to Do It Yourself

A Vietnam war veteran living in Staten Island, New York has been waiting for years to hear back about his request to the VA Department for a new wheelchair. An injury caused by a land mine necessitated the amputation of both legs just above the knee, and the veteran is unable to get around without a reliable wheelchair.

On a visit to a Lowe’s hardware store, the wheelchair finally gave out, leaving the veteran in quite a predicament. He and his wife, at a loss for a solution, decided to buy some tools and materials and do their best to repair the wheelchair themselves at home.

Pitching In to Help

Fortunately, three watchful employees took the initiative to do in a short amount of time what the entire U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs was unable to accomplish: fix the veteran’s wheelchair. As they searched the store for the right items and restored the wheelchair to good working order, they attracted a crowd, which made sure that news of the kind act went viral. Inspired by the three employees’ actions, numerous readers of the story have offered to supply the veteran with a new wheelchair—although it certainly won’t carry the sentimental value of the one repaired by total strangers.

Inspiring for In-home Caregivers in San Diego County and Everywhere Else

An unexpected altruistic act like repairing a veteran’s wheelchair inspires us all. It is a great thing to do, and it reminds us at A Servant’s Heart Care Solutions just how great our privilege is to help veterans and other seniors here at home with in-home caregivers in San Diego County  There are so many little moments that remind us that, although some of our work is demanding, we are helping make the lives of our clients better.

If your loved one is handicapped due to a wartime injury or an accident, he or she may still be able to live at home. With some adjustments to the house and care provided by professionals who are trained to assist with daily living tasks, your senior can stay both comfortable and safe at home.

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